Cree LED Light Bar Reviews

Buying the right LED light bar can be an easy task for everybody, but buying the right light bar for you and your car can be quite an adventure. You need to inform yourself about the product’s features, to see if your preferences are satisfied by the products characteristics and also, you need to compare the products. This way it will be easier for you to find and choose the best LED lighting bar for your needs. You also have to be sure that the light bar will have some strong features like a good, affordable price, it will be water resistance and anti-corrosion, it will have a general appliance – which means that it can be applied to every type of vehicle, from simple cars to heavy machineries and also, the item should have an impenetrable, resistance glass, because you wouldn’t want your light bar to be scratched or injured easily.

What is the LED Light Bar?

A light bar is a special bar created for cars with powerful and overcoming lighting. This special bar contains straight, powerful LED lights for a better night view of the driver. Also, the bar light is an optimized choice because of the resistance and power or the light. This is one of the most important accessories that you could buy for your car, especially if you are a night driver. The light bar with special LED lighting is more powerful and resistant than a simple light bar – it has a longer life expectancy, larger view, a smaller consumption of power and it is more durable, whether is summer or winter. Because of those features, more and more drivers change their car’s light bars with special led bars, for a better view, durable life and for a small consumption of energy. A LED bar can be a smart choice, especially for the truck drivers who are always on the road and they can meet pretty dark and heavy to see portions of roads. Also, a LED lightning bar can be quite cheap for its characteristics – another reason in why is so good and bought. Durable, safe and with a long life, a LED light bar can be one of your best choices

Famous LED Bars Brands


Simple and easy to remember, the Cree brand is one of the world’s famous led lightning bar manufactures and producer today. Renowned worldwide because of its top quality, durable and affordable products, Cree is one of the best choices when it comes to your cars lightning. They started out in 1989, when the company first produced the first blue LED lighting bar. Today, after 26 years of production and transparency, the Cree brand is famous than ever, with stores all over the word.

Best soled products:

  1. Sport Combo Work 120w Bumper Rock;
  2. Curved Cree Work Flood Spot Off-road;
  3. Cree Waterproof Flood Spot Combo Beam.


Started out in 2005, Eyourlife Company is one of the best known LED lights bar producer and manufacture in the United States of America. This company produces LED light bars for almost anything: cars, trucks, electronics, bikes, gadgets and much more. Today is one of the best bought Companies in America and its products are sold around the world.

Best soled products:

  1. Eyourlife Bumper Flood Spot Combo;
  2. Eyourlife Off Road Light Flood Spot Beam;
  3. Eyourlife Curved Off Road Waterproof Spot Combo.


One of the most sold and renowned LED bar producers (if not the number 1 seller in this industry), OPT7 started out in 1998, in a small Californian garage. The company was created out of passion, love and courage for the new and the improved way of lightning, highly motivated and determined to create the best product for its worldwide clients. Now, the OPT 7 Company is one if the famous light bar producers around the word, selling and creating with the same passion and love as in 1998.

Best soled products:

  1. OPT7 C1 Off Road Led Lightning Bar 120w Flood Combo;
  2. OPT7 Off Road Harness Sport Lamp;
  3. OPT7 C1 50 inch off rod led light bar.

Reviews of top 4 LED lightning bar

We know that it can be quite difficult to choose between so many models, characteristics and price tags, but we can help you sum all that up to just a few models for you to choose from. Nevertheless, this article will help you understand what it takes for a LED bars to be good for you and also, the article will reveal 2 of the best LED bars from the today’s market.

TMS Cree Spot LED Work Light Bar Off Road

tms cree led light barThis Cree TMS spot LED can be one of your best choices ever. This is a top quality, affordable product, which will always guide your way – in a real way. Cree is one of the most renowned light bars brands around the word, so you can’t go wrong with this item. Secure and strong, this bar will surely be one of your best friends in no time. Sleek and practicable, this is a small, but powerful light bar and it can be easy to carry and handle. Because it is a spot light bar, its angle view is only 30 degrees, but it will be perfect if you want to focus on restricted, quite small areas. It has an aluminum design with a heat resistant feature and it can make you see through the dark with no problems. This item has it all: it is waterproof, anti-corrosion, dust proof, it has a beam spot for extreme weather condition and it’s also rust proof. Because it’s a LED light, the item will manage to work with a small amount of energy, which will make it perfect for any type of cars.

PROS – Why You Should Buy This Product:

  1. Simple to use and install, it has special mounting brackets and a stain steel beam spot;
  2. 30 degree angle view, for the best night vision of the driver;
  3. Minimal power consumption;
  4. Waterproof, dust proof, rust proof, anti-corrosion item.

CONS – Why You Shouldn’t Buy This Product:

  1. Because of the LED light bulb, this item might extra heat itself and it needs a special cooler which need to be bought separately.

LED Driving Light Bar 4WD Off Road Truck

4wd off road truck light barThis LED driving light bar for off road trucks will be one of the best friends for the truck drivers. Smooth and sleek, this light bar will definitely stand up to your highest standards. One of the best sold and reviewed product on the spot LED’s industry, this light bar can be one of your best choices ever. The LED has a 300W power and a 10 to 30 DC voltage – which makes it perfect for both big and small cars. The beam of this product is a flood type, which means that this light bar will have a 60 degree angle view for a better and wider vision and also, this product has an extra 30 degree angle spot beam for a total of 90 degree angle view for the driver. This way, the driver will not only have a wider view of the road, but a deeper one too – he will be able to see even 300 meters in front of the car. Also, this item is waterproof, anti-corrosion and it has a strong, aluminum design, with some high intensity set of LEDs.

PROS – Why Should You Buy This Product:

  1. High quality, reliable and durable light bar;
  2. Great features, aluminum design and a 300W performance of the LEDs;
  3. Water resistance and special anti-corrosion feature, along with a 10 to 30 DC voltage;
  4. It has a special extra spot light bar specially created for a wider, 90 degree angle for the perfect night view.

CONS – Why You Shouldn’t Buy This Product:

  1. The waterproof IP is only 67 and the item doesn’t have dust proof and rust proof.

Kawell DC 92-V LED Light Bar Off Road Waterproof Bar

kawel led light bar reviewsSmall and portable, this Kawell DC light bar will be the perfect choice for you and your vehicle. This is a small, easy to use and install light bar that will delight your way with every occasion. This is one of the best soled LED lights of the year and the reason it’s simple: its cheap price and its good quality. This product, besides its cheap price, it has a really good and reliable quality. Nevertheless, this product has an IP 67 waterproof resistance and it is a flood type light bar – this means it has a 60 degree angle view, which is really good and smooth for a night driver. Also, this LED lighting bar has a 10 to 30 DC voltage and a power of 18W. If also has an optional beam of 90 degree angles, but you will have to pay extra for this feature. It has a long life expectancy and an aluminum design with a PMMA material of the lens.

PROS – Why You Should Buy This Product:

  1. Cheap price and good quality features;
  2. Small, easy to use and install, portable;
  3. Because of the LED, this product has an increase and durable life expectancy and also, it has minimal energy consumption.

CONS – Why You Shouldn’t Buy This Product:

  1. It has an extra 90 degree angle beam, but you must pay extra for it;
  2. Because of the LEDs, the item will have the tendency to overheat itself and that’s why you will have to buy a cooler, separately.

Penton 24 Inch LED Light Bar Work Lights Spot Flood and Combo Beam

penton light bar reviewWith this Penton LED bars you will have all the types of LEDs in just one product. One of the best sold and reviewed item from the today’s market, this Penton product will become one of your best choices ever made. With a total of 120W and a 10 to 30 DC voltage, this product will transform the night into day with its powerful lightning. Also, because of its LEDs, this item will have low energy consumption and a longer life expectancy. Nevertheless, the Penton light bar is waterproof resistance, anti-corrosion and it has a special glass that is toughed. Also, this product has an optional 30 degree or 60 degree angle night vision beam which will make the driver have a wider and deeper vision in the night. It has a special aluminum design and housing and its LEDs are from a high intensity glass which is named Epsitar.

PROS – Why You Should Buy This Product:

  1. High quality, reliable and durable features;
  2. Because of its extra option of 30 or 60 degree angle view you will have the possibility to have a wider and deeper view in the night;
  3. Affordable price and a high expectancy of life, along with a small energy consumption;
  4. Sleek and smooth, this item can be applied on any kind of vehicle – from small cars to trucks and SUV’s.

CONS – Why You Shouldn’t Buy This Product:

  1. The extra 30 or 60 degree angle view is a plus, but it is also a minus in this product’s review, because you will have to pay extra for this feature;
  2. It will have the tendency to overheat itself and that is why you will have to buy a separate cooler for the protection of your car.

These were 4 of the best soled LED light bars from today’s market, with all the positive and negative parts. Keep in mind that you have to be really careful and you have to be really informed before purchasing a product. Be patient and you will see that in the end, you will find the best LED light bar for you and your car.

Best Types of Cree LED Light Bars

One of the most important part of the night driving are the lights. There are the most important part, because without these products, you won’t be able to see or distinct the objects in front of you during the night. That’s why, most of the drivers proffer a Cree bars, because of its high quality, durable life and affordable price. But buying a LED bar is not such an easy task. You need to make sure that the item will satisfy all of your preferences and hopes.

A good quality light bar should be water resistant and anti-corrosion, should have a affordable price and it should be easy to use and install – try avoiding the models with a complicated system, because it will be better for you to save some money if you can assemble and install the light bar yourself.But above all this, the light bar should have a general appliance – this means that the product must be able to be applied on any types of vehicles – from small cars to heavy machinery.

  1. High Intensity Discharge or HID Light

One of the best known types of light bars is the HID Light. This type of lightning is also known as xenon. This product’s light is more accurate, really closed to the daylight color. The HID bulbs are lighter and this kind of product has a life expectancy of 2,000 hours – more or less. This light bulb is durable, whiter and it can create a more powerful and clear view of the road. But it also has its disadvantages: the HID bulb is produced with a harmful to people ingredient – mercury. Also, a HID bulb is really dangerous because it can hinder the drivers – one of the reasons of an accident.

  1. Halogen Light Bar

The Halogen Light Bar is the famous light bars in the industry. Its advantage is quite easy to resume: this light bulb is simple to use and cheap. The halogen has a life expectancy of 1,000 hours (half than the HID bulb) and it is really simple to replace and use. Nevertheless, the halogen light bulb is almost always the second option within the buyers. The reasons are simple: the bulb which is made of heat resistance glass can became quite harmful to man’s skin, low life expectancy, the filament of the bulb is quite easy to harm and it also has a complicated system. Also, when you change the halogen light bulb, if you are not careful enough, you can harm the product, thing which will lead to a less life expectancy then 1,000 hours.

  1. LED Light Bar

It is quite unique and different than the halogen or the HID light bars. It has a different mechanism, which helps the life of the bulb to be longer. Nevertheless, the life expectancy of a LED bulb is between 25,000 and 100,000 hours – many, really many times much more than a halogen or a HID light bulb. Also, a LED bulb is using a smaller amount of energy when working. A great disadvantage if the LED bulb is the extra heating of the item – it can melt the surroundings like the connecting cables and wires. That is why a LED bulb should always have a cooler system installed within.

  1. SPOT Light Bar

The Spot LED light bar has the smallest narrow of the whole industry. With only 30 degree view of lighting, this type of LED is great for spotting certain things. If you want to focus on an area of searching, this is the best type of light bar that you can buy.

  1. Flood LED Lighting Bar

The Flood LED bar has a wide angle of 60 degrees, double from the spot LED light bar. It is usually used in lighting a certain large area, like a camp site or a working area. If you are looking for a wider option that the spot bar, the flood LED light bar is the best choice.

  1. Combo LED Bars

This type of LED is actually a combination between the spot and the flood LED light bars. If you want a mix between those 2 and also, a wider angle of view than the flood’s angle, the Combo LED light bar is the best choice that you can make.

Depending on your preferences and budget, one of these 6 types of LED’s can be the best for you. But, you can also combine these types. For example, you can buy the spot and the flood LED’s and create a 90 degree wide angle for your car. This way, you will see wider and deeper in the darkness, without any other special lights or contributions.

For what features you should look for when buying a LED Light Bar?

There are many types of LED lights bars out there and you have to be certain that you will choose the best and the right one for you and your car. Depending on your preferences and budget, you will have to choose between different models and features of LEDs. Every LED lighting bar has its own features and characteristics, but we will find some of the following features to all the LED lights out there:

  1. Appliance

The appliance of the LED light is very important and you should check if it’s the right one for your needs. You will want a light bar that has a general appliance, which can be apply to any type of vehicle from simple cars to trucks and excavators.

  1. Waterproof and anti-corrosion

You always need to check your future light bar for the special water resistance feature. This is a really important feature that any light bar should have. If not, the rain and the humidity in the air will affect your light bar and in the end the rust and corrosion will eventually have a negative consequence and an unaesthetic look on your car.

  1. It must be easy to install

You will certainly want your next LED bar to be easy to use and install. Avoid the complicated and heavy light bars – a simple and concrete model of installation can help you save some money, because you will be able to install it yourself.

  1. Impenetrable glass

The glass of your future LED light bar must be at its top quality and also, impenetrable and almost impossible to break. This way, your light bar will be strong and it will be resistant to snow, rain, wind or any types of injuries.

Depending on your preferences or budget you will have a visual aspect of your future light bar and its characteristics, but don’t forget to take into consideration the important facts that are listed above.

How to install a LED lighting bar?

  1. Before any instruction you need to be sure that you are capable to install alone a LED light bar. If not, please go to a specialist and let a professional team handle it. Also, if you are not capable, you can easily install the LED incorrect and also damage the product. If you still think that you can handle the LED yourself, here are the steps you must complete in order to properly install your LED lights:
  2. Before any installing, connect the product to your car’s battery to see if the item if operating;
  3. Then, you must attach the special mounting bracket to the both ends of the LED’s light bar and tighten them with a special wrench, using the screws and rubber washers in the LED’s package;
  4. Install the LED in the correct and chosen position with the screws and then secure the item on your car – choose the flattest surface of your car;
  5. After you secure and install the product, connect its wires to the relay switch. Connect the red and black wires of the bar with the red and black wires of the relay switch;
  6. Connect the red and black wires from the relay switch directly to the battery of the car – red for positive and black for negative;

Have fun with your new and improved lighting!

Why do you use or need special LED Lighting Bars?

A LED Light Bar is and has been a special designed bar for a better night vision. This way, if we are referring strictly to cars and light bars for cars, the driver can see much better during the night. Depending on what kind of LED you need and what kind of road you drive through, there are special designed LED’s for any type of preferences. This way, you can choose your own personal type of LED. You will need a LED Bar on your car if you are driving frequently on countryside roads or forest roads. Why? Because with your simple and equipped lightning of the car you won’t be able see a thing and the risk of accidents – especially on the off-road roads – will increase dramatically. This is the principal characteristic and use of the LED lighting bars – because of its durability, powerful and resistance light and also, its high quality. You will really need it if you are planning to drive through some unenlightened roads.


In the end, this was a guide article about Cree Led Light Bars, specially created for the new buyers of LED light bars. Nevertheless, this article will make you understand what a it is, it will help you see the best light bars brands and features of the product and also, it will help you visualize the types and actions that a LED lights can do. This article was specially created in helping you choosing the best LED light bar for you and your car, depending on you preferences, budget and characteristics. Also, it will help you install your new bars and it will help you have a different perspective about LED light bars. Don’t forget to inform yourself really well before buying any kind of light bars and also, you should compare the products. Make a pro and cons list and also, you need to be really straight with your desires and preferences. This way, it will be easier to find the perfect LED bars for you. Go at a pro for the installation of the light bar and if you think you can handle it yourself, be sure you will respect the steps explained above. Be patient and in the end you will see that you will certainly find the perfect LED light bar for you and your car.