20 Inch Led Light Bar

Looking for premium quality universal LED light bars? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place to see and compare products that you will need and will work best for your vehicle. This guide is for you to be aware of all the features of different products that vary to others out in the market and to prevent you from buying faulty products.

There are a lot LED light bars out there that can be used universally which is convenient for the consumers, to use LED light bars anywhere, whether it’d be an off road vehicle, or other heavy-equipped vehicles. But the quality is something that you should always consider. It’s always the quality over quantity if you want a product that you can use for a long time, but these products don’t only offer great quality products but also “pocket-friendly” these products are affordable but certainly reliable. Here are the products that you can consider in searching for 20 inch LED light bars.

TMH 20 inch Dual Row High Power LED Work Light Bar

TMH 20 inch Dual Row High Power LED Work Light BarTMH offers you a premium quality 20 inch LED light bars for your vehicle, whether it’d be use for 4×4, SUV, Jeep, Truck, Tractors, Rhinos and other multipurpose vehicles, can also be used in lighting your garden and backyard, also for boat lighting, hotels, City squares public building, Mining trucks, billboards’ lighting and more. This perfectly-engineered features 42 high-powered CREE LEDS, to provide improved and increased brightness, this is a combo-beamed LED light bar which has 18 LED with an angle 30 degrees for the spot beam, while the flood beam has 24 LEDS with an angle of 60 degrees. The combo beam pattern results to a widest of angles to be seen with a still improved and brighter light even in the center. This 20 inch LED light is IP67 waterproof rate certified and made from high-grade aluminum and PMMA toughed glass for lenses, securing the quality of the product even if it’s used during harsh storms or other weather conditions, because of the materials on this LED light bar, the durability won’t fail you, and you can use it for a long-time. This comes with the necessary wirings and installation supplies for proper mounting, but there are parts out in the market that you can get for the modification of the LED light for your vehicle, as well as the ON/OFF switch is not included.

This product is very affordable, which will surely suit your budget and also your lighting needs when driving, especially during the night to prevent accidents from occurring, because of the improved lighting power of the LED light, this will surely benefit you and your driving for a safer and better travel.

20 inch LED-22″ Light Bar -120w-7500Lumen

20 inch Light Bar -120w-7500LumenAffordability is one of the main concern of consumers when it comes to buying LED light bars, and surely this product will provide you that, but won’t spare you the great quality and performance of this LED light bar will give you. There are products in the market that are in optimum performance and quality but costs a lot, but this? This will provide your car its best, designed just for you and your budget.

This has 3W powered 40 lenses and all are high-grade lenses, providing increased light brightness with a combo-beam pattern. The lenses are protected and secured with PMMA toughed glasses and its waterproof rate is IP67 certified, making it durable and accessible to use even in harsh weather conditions and safe with any activities because it’s also dustproof and shockproof product.

20 Inch LED light bars are easy to install and mount and this product is no exception it can be installed on heavy-equipped vehicles used for construction such as, bulldozer, road roller, tree dozer, as well as huge-sized vehicles like SUVs, ATVs, Vans, UTV, and JEEP, this led light is also amenable for an off road use, such boats, outdoor lighting and more. Special parts or supplies for modification for your vehicle are not included, but because this product is so affordable, you can get them in the market at a low cost.

Even if it’s at a low cost, quality is proven will surely serve you best because of the materials used to engineer this product, manufacturers’ main concern is to provide high-performing, long-lasting, and affordable LED light bars to offer consumers and provide satisfaction and convenience for their driving and more.


With all the different products out in the market now, consumers need to have ideas on what are needed to be considered when buying this kind of products. It’s important to know what the product features, what is it made of, is it durable, can it withstand harsh weather conditions, can it withstand the activities of your vehicle that may impact the product, and mostly, is it for long-lasting use? You always have to check the quality and authenticity too, since there are fraudulent manufacturer which are not licensed but only imitates a product made from low quality materials that may cause trouble to your vehicle, it might not last a long time or overheat and may start a fire and wreak havoc to your car. These products not only consists of high-powered LEDS that you can benefit from, these are also durable to give you long-lasting function and convenience, but you can get all these benefits only at an affordable price, why settle for a costly product when you can get quality LED light bars at an affordable price? So if you decided to modify your car, enhance its lighting, or enhance lighting for your backyard of garden, these are the products that you can consider, they are versatile, durable, and affordable.

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