10 Inch Led Bars

Why A 10-Inches Led Light Bar?

Renowned and popular as they are, with the origin on LED lights people started preferring these lights over other bulbs and less bright lights as these were durable and very less power consuming too. They made their mark in the industry of vehicles as well. While the owners of bigger vehicles started using the 24-inch long LED tubes, the owners of four-wheeler and sport cars used the medium sized 10-inch long LED light tubes.

Since their advent, the 10-inch LED lights have been popular among the owners of various medium sized vehicles be it the commercial ones like RVs, Buses, Trains or the personal vehicles like cars, sports bikes, desert bikes, Boats and jeeps. They are also used in household uses such as task lights, Cabinet lights and basement lights. Since the medium and small LED tube lights are not suitable when used on small vehicles, these seem to serve the purpose very perfectly.

Rigid Industries 10 inch Combo Spot/LED Flood Light Bar

Rigid Industries 10 inch Combo SpotThe rightly medium sized LED tube lights from the RIGID industries is a multi tasking product that has proved itself useful for several tasks due to its neither to short nor too long stature. This has been specially designed to throw light over larger and broader areas by combining spot lights as well as flood lights together and assembling them to make a 10-inches long LED light.

This LED tube light projects light over great distances in a very concentrated and evenly lit pattern. It is a very powerful spot style LED tube light which makes it perfect for high speeds and situations where you need extreme distances to be visible clearly to you. This hybrid flood optic offers almost over half the distance of spot version and twice the coverage area. When combined, the flood and spot light provide a perfect coverage of both distance and area there fore, keeping this theory in mind, this light has been engineered using both these optics.

The lights are housed in a perfectly shaped aluminum housing bracket which has over sized heat sinks that ensure that the temperature remains low and enables the LED lights to remain cooler while burning brightly. To add to their credentials, these LED lights have been specially engineered to withstand harsh and adverse weather conditions and even rough terrains when driving.

Their medium size allows them to be housed on just anything and anywhere. From your backyard to your front porch, you can use them to light just anything.


  1. Gives an excellent performance in any weather condition.
  2. Made with a special combination of flood lights and spot lights for maximum area and distance coverage.
  3. Has rigid and strong aluminum housing.
  4. Medium sized to suit all needs.
  5. Fit for use on four wheelers and small sized commercial vehicles like buses and RVs.
  6. Long life span and durability.

Eyourlife 10″ 50w Cree Led Single Row Slim Led Work Light Bar

Eyourlife 10″ 50w Cree Led Work Light BarThe eyourlife 10-inch long LED tube light comes with an unexpected two-year long warranty which clearly saves you from the worries of your investment in this light going in vain. Being an LED tube light, it is consuming very less power as compared to other similar products and also has a long life span of fifty thousand hours!

The credibility of this product is further increased by its varying and wide operating voltage range which enables it to be used in various types of vehicles ranging from big trucks to small cars and bikes.

The appearance of this light is also very unmatched and it does not look untidy to the eyes. Having the body color of black, it suits well on your car’s exteriors too. The housing of the LED lights is done in firm aluminum brackets which is also corrosion free and water proof to give you a perfect lighting experience even during harsh weather conditions.

The front glass surface is made up of quartz lenses which make it very good for transmitting light brightly. It is energy saving and efficiently engineered to last longer.

The medium sized LED tube light is fit for all indoor and outdoor uses. You can use it for back up lighting, side lighting of trucks, construction lighting, garden lighting and boat lighting etc.


  1. Saves a lot of energy due to less power consumption.
  2. Made up of firm and strong aluminum housing as well as brackets.
  3. 10degree spot beam and 20degree flood beam for better vision.
  4. Comes with a warranty of two years.
  5. It has a wide operating voltage range giving it flexible usage.

EVERGROW 36W 8″ 9″ 10″ INCH LED spot Flood Comb Light Bar

EVERGROW 36W 10″ INCH LED spot Flood Comb Light BarEvergrow is a registered brand name in the field of lights manufacturing which gives them years of experience in the field of making LED tube lights. This product from them is a very efficient and power saving medium sized LED tube light.

Talking of the qualities in this LED light, it is a double row LED light which is exceptionally bright and gives a high light output. The engineering of the light has been done very well and the heat sink is dual and over sized to keep the LED lights cool and ensure that they emit bright light. The optical efficiency of the light is a whooping 94%.

The housing of the lights is done in a diecast aluminum frame brackets. The lens mounting brackets are made up of stainless steel. To ensure complete advantage of large area view, a combo of flood lights and spot lights is housed together. To ensure easy and hassle free installation, the mounting brackets and screws are given free with the LED light.


  1. It has a double row LED lighting bar.
  2. It also has a dual oversize heat sink to ensure efficiency.
  3. It has a low efficiency and low power consumption.
  4. The mounting is in a hard aluminum.
  5. Eco friendly and gives out zero ultra violent emissions.

These 10-inch long LED tube lights are an all in one solution for all your lighting needs. You can depend on them for all your lighting solutions.

24 Inch Led Light Bar

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. They are used as light emitting products like CFL’s but unlike CFLs, the LED lights consume very little amount of energy for their working and are also very durable. If not broken, they can easily be used for a minimum two years. They run on Direct Current and if one needs to convert Alternate Current to Direct for running an LED light then the circuit will need to be appropriate.

Why Led Tube Lamps?

For the use of home lightening, LED bulbs are available but in case of lighting up an open deck area or for fixtures on the side of heavy vehicles like trucks, one can use these long LED tube lamps. Since there is little power to spare on side lighting of vehicle, these LED lights are not only perfect but also very brightly lit to avoid road accidents. Most LEDs don’t emit light in all directions; they are suitable for use on vehicles and for lighting large open areas.

Penton 24 Inch Led Work Light Bar off Road Spot

Penton 24 Inch Led Work Light Bar off Road SpotThis marvelous LED lighting product by Penton has been specially designed for functioning as an off spot road light on your truck or other heavy load vehicles. To talk of its qualities there’s plenty but the primary and most important one is the way it facilitates to suit everyone’s needs by its range of different sizes and power intake. Also, they’re available in curved design too.

They’re made by assembling 40 tiny 3W pieces together. Having a heavy duty metal housing, this Light Bar is water and weather proof. To ensure that you don’t have any trouble installing the same there are mounting brackets and screw sets provided. The housing of the LED is fully aluminum and it has vertical fins on the back. The cooling function is very efficiently engineered too.

The lights are very exceptionally bright and can be noticed even during bright day light. They function great for off-road vehicles, ATVs, UTVs and SUVs as there is more danger involved in going off-road.

Talking of the brand and the manufacturers, Penton is a trustable USA based company and their product quality is excellent.


  1. Very bright, noticeable even during day lights.
  2. Aluminum housing to make it weather proof and water proof.
  3. Perfect for use on off-road vehicles.
  4. Comes in curved shapes too.
  5. Comes with mounting brackets and screw sets for installing.
  6. The cooling system had been very efficiently engineered.

Rich solar 24″ Inch Led Light Bar Work Lights Flood Spot

Rich solar 24″ Inch Led Light Bar Work Lights Flood SpotA five star rated product for use as flood lights on vehicles, this LED tube light from the house of Richsolar is highly preferred by the customers for its well made an error free working. It has been made by combing 40 LED lights of 3W each together and putting them together into a strong aluminum housing bracket.

The model has been designed with a tough and air tight glass surface, a very high light transmission technique and the housing is absolutely weatherproof and compact. It enables the user to see farther, broader places and with a clearer view due to the combination of flood and spot style of spreading light evenly and over a wider area. The cover is not just waterproof but also dusts proof, shock proof and downright durable. It can easily bear with your strong vehicle any adverse climatic conditions.

To keep it simple and hassle free, the package also comes with installing products like a set of screws and the mounting brackets. To talk of their lighting angles, the beam has a combination of 60degree flood lights and 60degree spot lights to make it function very well.

It is absolutely fit for using on heavy weight wagons; UTB cabs, mining as well as Marine vehicles, commercial vehicles like Bulldozers, cranes and Tanks etc.


  1. 100% satisfaction and durability guaranteed
  2. A combination of 60degrees spot light and 60degree flood light in the beam.
  3. Fit for using on wagons, commercial vehicles and SUVs, UTBs etc.
  4. It comes with an installing kit free of cost.
  5. Dust proof, shake proof and weather proof.
  6. Has a air tight aluminum housing.

Topcarlight 24 inch 120w LED Work Light Bar

Topcarlight 24 inch 120w LED Work Light BarAnother widely popular product in the category of 24-inch long LED lights is this LED light from ‘Topcarlight’. It is one strong and durable product in this league of LED tube lights.

The life span of the product is pretty long and the quality is all the same excellent. In case you still have worries about durability, this comes with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchasing. Being an LED light it is very eco- friendly and consumes very little power.

The making is same as other LED tube lights. It has 40 tiny LED lights of 3W each. These are combined and then housed in an aluminum made housing bracket. It is absolutely weatherproof and waterproof. It also consumes very less amount of energy, making it efficient for vehicles. The brackets are easy to install and come with free screw sets and die cast aluminum bracket installation and it is anti corrosion as well.

It is suitable for being installed on various trucks, SUVs, UTB’s, ships and transports of commercial use.


  1. High Quality and easy to install LED lights.
  2. Long life span and comes with a warranty of two years.
  3. Water proof and corrosion proof.
  4. Durable for all weather conditions.
  5. Low energy consuming and eco-friendly.
  6. Can be used for all kinds of vehicles.

To ensure safety for your vehicle and your own self too when driving on off the road ways, these should essentially be installed on your vehicle. They are pocket friendly, eco-friendly, very durable and long lasting as well as hassle free to install. They are a must have for all heavy vehicle owners.

Best 12 Inches Led Light Bar Reviews

Uses Of 12 Inch Long Led Light Bars?

Like then 10-inch long LED bars, these 12 inch LED light bars too can be used for vehicles that are to be used for traveling off roads during long journeys. They, however, are a bit longer than those which are 10-inches long and shorter than the 24-inch long bars and are there fore convenient for the purposed that the other two cannot serve.

The LED lights, as we know, maintain zero dissipation or wastage of power by being a very less power consuming source of light. It is also brighter and provides the user with broader and longer distance view while on the road. They are specially designed for spreading light in one direction, whether front of back.

Auxbeam™ 12 inch 72W CREE Led Light Bar

Auxbeam™ 12 inch 72W CREE Led Light BarThis 12-inch long LED bars from Auxbeam are very eco-friendly and have a long life span of almost thirty thousand hours. They consume very less power and provide efficiency on road trips with a voltage of as less as seventy-two watts.

The LED bar is made by assembling 24 tiny pieces of LED lights of three watts each together. These LEDs are not the ordinary ones, they are CREE LEDs which means they provide higher output of light by consuming lesser amount of energy and are often colored too.

The LED light is housed in an excellent quality die cast aluminum housing which is very tough and durable. This housing is designed keeping in mind the various harsh conditions it might have to face while driving. The lumen output is very high, compared to the power consumption.

The irradiation distance of this LED light is also very longer as compared to the normal halogen lit bulbs.

There is a specially designed fin with the installing brackets too to ensure maximum heat dissipation from the LED tube light. The construction of the light is also very well engineered and renders it various strong qualities like shock proof, dust proof and weather proof. The operating voltage required to run this LED light is very widely distributed enabling it to be used in different kinds of trucks, of-road vehicles and even marine transports.


  1. Strong and durable aluminum housing.
  2. It has been designed to ensure maximum heat dissipation.
  3. Low power consumption.
  4. The operating voltage is very widely varying.
  5. Provides great performance by being dust proof, water proof and shock proof too.
  6. Consumes as low as seventy-two watts of power and has various applications.

12 inch 72W CREE led light bar 7200lm Combo beams

Another excellent product in the league of twelve-inch long LED lights is this CREE LED light which has various applications in everyday life, owing to it’s low power consumption and long life span.

The performance of this brilliantly engineered LED light is unquestionable. It has been designed by assembling twenty-four tiny CREE LED lights of three watts each together and then housing them in a strong and reliable aluminum bracket for safety. The luminous flux of this LED tube light has been increased to a great extent by enabling it with a combo of thirty-degree spot beam and sixty-degree flood beam. The construction of the light is IP67 rated, which adds to its credibility. The light is also shock proof, dust proof and water proof to make it function amazingly in all seasons. The power consumption is very low and the lumen output is extremely high.

The operating voltage range is very wide and varies which makes it fit for use in one and all vehicles.


  1. High lumen output and low power consumption.
  2. Beam is a combo of spot light beam and flood light beam.
  3. Great performance in all weather conditions.
  4. The operating voltage is widely varying.
  5. It can be used in different types of vehicles like lorries, military vehicles, water based transports and mining equipment as well.
  6. Dustproof, shockproof and waterproof.

Kohree 12″ 72W 7200lm Cree Spot Led Work Light Bar Review

Kohree 12 Cree Spot Led Work Light BarGiving a tough competition to other lights in its league is the Kohree CREE LED l12-inches long tube light. Leaving them all behind with its designer and sleek look, this is a five star rated product.

It’s construction and mechanism is similar to all other 12-inches long LED lights and so it the aluminum diecast in which it is housed, though with a better looking design. The power consumption of this tube light is very less, as low as seventy-two watts. Even with such low power consumption, the lumen out put is very high. The valid irradiation distance of this LED tube light is also longer than those of other halogen based lights used in transports.

The performance is wildly outraging and easily defies the look. By looking at it one might think that the quality has been compromised for the design, but that’s not the case with this product.

Wide range of operating voltage makes it suitable for all kinds of vehicles- from a small four wheeler to a huge commercial vehicle. This quality makes it useful in various marine based vehicles like boats and ships, military vehicles and construction vehicles like cranes and Bull dozers.


  1. Easy to operate and install.
  2. IP67 rated construction.
  3. Renders great performance as it is shock proof, water proof and dust proof.
  4. High lumen output with low power intake.
  5. Housed in high quality aluminum case.
  6. Longer valid irradiation distance as compared to other lights.

These twelve-inch long LED lights are all CREE enabled, adding to their credentials. They insure higher lumen output even while consuming very little energy. Their performance is also great and they can function even in harsh weather conditions.

20 Inch Led Light Bar

Looking for premium quality universal LED light bars? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place to see and compare products that you will need and will work best for your vehicle. This guide is for you to be aware of all the features of different products that vary to others out in the market and to prevent you from buying faulty products.

There are a lot LED light bars out there that can be used universally which is convenient for the consumers, to use LED light bars anywhere, whether it’d be an off road vehicle, or other heavy-equipped vehicles. But the quality is something that you should always consider. It’s always the quality over quantity if you want a product that you can use for a long time, but these products don’t only offer great quality products but also “pocket-friendly” these products are affordable but certainly reliable. Here are the products that you can consider in searching for 20 inch LED light bars.

TMH 20 inch Dual Row High Power LED Work Light Bar

TMH 20 inch Dual Row High Power LED Work Light BarTMH offers you a premium quality 20 inch LED light bars for your vehicle, whether it’d be use for 4×4, SUV, Jeep, Truck, Tractors, Rhinos and other multipurpose vehicles, can also be used in lighting your garden and backyard, also for boat lighting, hotels, City squares public building, Mining trucks, billboards’ lighting and more. This perfectly-engineered features 42 high-powered CREE LEDS, to provide improved and increased brightness, this is a combo-beamed LED light bar which has 18 LED with an angle 30 degrees for the spot beam, while the flood beam has 24 LEDS with an angle of 60 degrees. The combo beam pattern results to a widest of angles to be seen with a still improved and brighter light even in the center. This 20 inch LED light is IP67 waterproof rate certified and made from high-grade aluminum and PMMA toughed glass for lenses, securing the quality of the product even if it’s used during harsh storms or other weather conditions, because of the materials on this LED light bar, the durability won’t fail you, and you can use it for a long-time. This comes with the necessary wirings and installation supplies for proper mounting, but there are parts out in the market that you can get for the modification of the LED light for your vehicle, as well as the ON/OFF switch is not included.

This product is very affordable, which will surely suit your budget and also your lighting needs when driving, especially during the night to prevent accidents from occurring, because of the improved lighting power of the LED light, this will surely benefit you and your driving for a safer and better travel.

20 inch LED-22″ Light Bar -120w-7500Lumen

20 inch Light Bar -120w-7500LumenAffordability is one of the main concern of consumers when it comes to buying LED light bars, and surely this product will provide you that, but won’t spare you the great quality and performance of this LED light bar will give you. There are products in the market that are in optimum performance and quality but costs a lot, but this? This will provide your car its best, designed just for you and your budget.

This has 3W powered 40 lenses and all are high-grade lenses, providing increased light brightness with a combo-beam pattern. The lenses are protected and secured with PMMA toughed glasses and its waterproof rate is IP67 certified, making it durable and accessible to use even in harsh weather conditions and safe with any activities because it’s also dustproof and shockproof product.

20 Inch LED light bars are easy to install and mount and this product is no exception it can be installed on heavy-equipped vehicles used for construction such as, bulldozer, road roller, tree dozer, as well as huge-sized vehicles like SUVs, ATVs, Vans, UTV, and JEEP, this led light is also amenable for an off road use, such boats, outdoor lighting and more. Special parts or supplies for modification for your vehicle are not included, but because this product is so affordable, you can get them in the market at a low cost.

Even if it’s at a low cost, quality is proven will surely serve you best because of the materials used to engineer this product, manufacturers’ main concern is to provide high-performing, long-lasting, and affordable LED light bars to offer consumers and provide satisfaction and convenience for their driving and more.


With all the different products out in the market now, consumers need to have ideas on what are needed to be considered when buying this kind of products. It’s important to know what the product features, what is it made of, is it durable, can it withstand harsh weather conditions, can it withstand the activities of your vehicle that may impact the product, and mostly, is it for long-lasting use? You always have to check the quality and authenticity too, since there are fraudulent manufacturer which are not licensed but only imitates a product made from low quality materials that may cause trouble to your vehicle, it might not last a long time or overheat and may start a fire and wreak havoc to your car. These products not only consists of high-powered LEDS that you can benefit from, these are also durable to give you long-lasting function and convenience, but you can get all these benefits only at an affordable price, why settle for a costly product when you can get quality LED light bars at an affordable price? So if you decided to modify your car, enhance its lighting, or enhance lighting for your backyard of garden, these are the products that you can consider, they are versatile, durable, and affordable.