30 Inch Led Light Bars Reviews

LED light bars are one of those everyday essentials that a common human being can not go without. They are of those genuine products you don’t need any guarantee with as they are very durable and last for long. Being LED, they don’t consume much power either and are very environment friendly as well as pocket friendly. Being an asset to own, these lights come in various sizes, varying from small bulbs to large 30-inch-long light bars.

The thirty-inch-long light bars are exceptionally long so as to facilitate using them on the front bars of your big vehicles or on the large front porches during dark nights. They are very luminous and if you switch them on during a bright sunny day, you will still be able to see them burn, unlike the usual tube lights that are way less luminous. These thirty inch LED lights are either CREE enabled or they are not. The CREE enabled LED lights be a little expensive but are very luminous although they consume very little power.

They are just a little expensive due to being CREE enabled. There are numerous companies that manufacture these long LED lights but a very of those are trustable. Therefore, to help you buy the perfect LED lights, we have brought to you a list of few LED lights that are trustable. You can choose the best one according to your needs.

Xprite 30″ Led Off Road Led Light Bar Flood/Spot Combo Beam- 3W Led-180W-11,250 Lumen

Xprite 30 inch Led Off Road Led Light BarThe Xprite thirty-inch-long LED bar light is a heavy duty bar light which has been known for its remarkably excellent performance and long durability.

The light has been made by assembling together a total of sixty LED lights of three watts which are of a good brand. These lights are then housed in a bracket which is made up of hard and solid aluminum which makes them safe from the jerks and shocks when driving on a rough terrain. The front surface is made of hard glass which is break free and glare free so as to let the light bar function properly even during night. To install this bar on your vehicle, there’s another aluminum stand too which further adds to it’s strength. It comes with a set of other screws and stuff you will need to install it easily on your vehicle.

The lights are a combo of spot and flood lights which make it even brighter than the normal LED lights. They will illuminate your path easily when driving off the road on a no light terrain too and are the best LED lights you can lay your hands on.


  1. Exceptional luminosity and durability.
  2. Made up of tough and high quality aluminum.
  3. It has a hard glass covering which makes it dust proof.
  4. There is a wire for easy usage with the light bar.
  5. Consumes little energy for a heavy duty task.

Premier Light Bar – 30″ CREE Flood/Spot COMBO Beam 180w LED Light Bar off Road UTV

Premier Light Bar 30 inch CREE Flood Spot COMBO LED Light BarThe Premier thirty-inch light bar is one very stylish product in the league of light bars and if you own one of those very stylish and trendy cars, this light bar will work just perfectly for your vehicle and will retain its statement and look if not enhance it.

One of the best features in this thirty inch LED bar light is it’s being CREE enabled when most of the bigger sized bar lights are not. With CREE module, this light is exceptionally bright and consumes even lesser power than other LEDs. The making is done by assembling sixty LEDs of three watts each into a powerful and compact aluminum housing which is then covered by a hard glass, making it dust proof and waterproof. You can be least bothered about the darkness during your excursions with your family.

It can be used on any large vehicle like SUVs, tractors, trucks and other commercial vehicles too.


  1. The thirty inch LED with rare CREE module functioning.
  2. Very luminous with very less power consumption.
  3. Ideal for excursions during dark nights and off road trips too.
  4. Absolutely dust free and waterproof housing for rough terrains.
  5. Stylish and trendy for usage on classy vehicles without spoiling their look.

Xtreme Work 180w 30 inches Curved long led work lights bar Combo beam For Jeep fog lighting exterior

If rock hard is what you want your bar light to be then this light is the ideal product for you. Though not enabled with the CREE module, these lights are still very luminous and eco friendly. The structure is usual and the design is pretty much basic.

The light has been made with a combination of thirty-degree spot lights in the center and sixty-degree flood light on the sides which are then housed in a tough as rock aluminium bracket housing. This is not only shock proof but also jerk proof for the driving purposes. The bracket for installation of this light however is made up of steel so that one can use it even as roof lamp or back yard lamp at home and not just the vehicles. It comes with all the basic necessities that are needed for installing it.


  1. Very hard and tough make.
  2. It comes with a long wire for connection to the power source.
  3. The installation bracket is made up of steel for making it usable as roof lamp too.
  4. It has a combo of spot light and flood lights.
  5. Intensity of luminosity is very high.

These bar lights which have been given an extended length of thirty inches aren’t just huge, the luminosity of their light is unmatched and so is their efficiency. They are unbreakable and have a long life span too. They are worth buying if you feel any need of them. They are value for the money you pay and they ensure your safety through out.

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