42 Inches Long Led Lights

Gone are the days when people used the normal CFL bulbs and Fluorescent tube lights. With the invention and marketing of LED lights, the old technology has been left behind and the era of LED lights has begun. These lights are very environment friendly, easy to use, consume way less power compared to their older counterparts and they have a very long life span too. Their functioning is such that everyone would choose to use LED lights.
For certain purposes, we tend to require longer and heavily built bar lights.

The smaller ones won’t just do the job perfectly like for the use in mining vehicles and bulldozers, the light from smaller bar lights is just not enough. For such purposes, these heavily built and larger sized 40 inches long LED bars are used. These bars have an exceptionally luminous lighting and keep you well focused when driving on a larger area which is otherwise not possible with the usual small sized lights. These lights have a small power consumption requirement and a large lumen output which makes them very ideal and efficient.

Leadvan Ebotrade-Tech 42″ 240w LED Off Road Light Bar Spot Flood Beam Work Light 4wd Boat Pickup Truck

Leadvan Ebotrade-Tech 42 inch 240w LED Off Road Light BarThis light bar is an excellent product for the use on various commercial vehicles and also for the bigger private vehicles due to it’s above the line performance and its quality lighting. The making of the product is such that it keeps the light protected from the harsh and rough weather conditions throughout the year. The quality and durability of the light bar unquestionable.

The light bar has been aligned by putting together a combination of eighty LEDs of three watts each in a regular pattern. These are not just one kind of lights, all these are a combination of flood lights as well as spot lights for clearer and better picture. The glass cover which has been used is made up of hard glass so that it does not get cracks on rough terrains. Its luminosity is unquestionable. It is easily one of the most luminous and bright bar lights you will come across. The bracket for installation of the light is made up of hard steel so that it can be used even as roof lights for homes.

The usage of this long bar light is varied. It can be used for lighting in boats and decks of ships, for Range Rovers and other heavy duty SUVs, for commercial vehicles like buses, trucks and other similar vehicles. The product is water proof, shock proof and weather proof too. It’s lifespan is long and to save you from the benefit of doubt, it comes with a two year warranty. If anything happens between these periods, you get a free exchange.


  1. Long and very luminous for heavy duty vehicles.
  2. This forty-two inches long bar light is unquestionably the brightest of the lot.
  3. This light consumes little power and gives excellent output of light.
  4. Waterproof, shockproof and weather proof.
  5. A value for all the money you put in.
  6. Hard housing with tough glass surface and long life span.

Modify Street Orion 42″ Off-Road Extra LED Light Bar Cree – 240W Flood/Spot Combo Beam

Modify Street Orion 42 inch Off-Road Extra LED Light Bar CreeIt’s a well known fact that as soon as you switch to LED lights from the normal ones in your vehicles, you make your journeys much safer. These LEDs don’t only make your way much easier and clearly visible but also ensure that not much power from your vehicle goes to the lighting.

The forty-two inches long bar light is a premium quality bar light which has served satisfied customers worldwide without giving them a chance to complain. The making is similar to all other lights of this league, a combination of forty tiny LEDs is put together to make a long pattern which is then placed in a hard case aluminum housing so as to keep it intact and immobile during journeys.

The beam also is efficient, with a combo of spot lights as well as flood lights to provide you clearer view during night time too. The installation of the product is hassle free. However, it is suggested to hire an electrician for the purpose. The life span of this light is also very satisfactorily long and can be used by unconventional people too. The major advantage being the light’s CREE enabled module which makes it up to 10x more luminous and renders to it the gift of lesser power consumption. It is economic, very advantageous and a worthy product for your money.


  1. CREE enabled module.
  2. East and hassle free installation.
  3. Comes with wire and other stuff for easy usage.
  4. The making is very hard and strong.
  5. An economic product for less amount of money.
  6. Comes with a combo of street as well as flood lights.

Eyourlife 42 inch Light Bar Super Bright Light Bar 240W

Eyourlife 42 inch Light Bar Super Bright Light Bar 240WWhile all other products of this league in the market are very basic looking with no bother of designing, this forty-two inches long light bar from eyorlight is an ideal product as it has everything-style as well as performance.

As the name point outs, it indeed is a super bright product with it’s technology being focused on the quality of light it emits rather than on the set up. It has been made using the similar method as others and even the housing is very strong and powerful to prevent shocks and jerks while on road. It has the weather proof and waterproof tag too. The cooling system is exceptionally well engineered and has fins on the sides for the same.
These lights are ideal for use in commercial as well as heavy duty private vehicles too.


  1. Very efficient cooling system.
  2. Emits bright light while consuming less power.
  3. Keep you safe while night driving by its extra luminous lights?
  4. Has tough and solid aluminium made.
  5. Easy and hassle free installation.

LED light bars are your key to a safer driving experience. They are economic and highly preferable as well. The durability is way higher than the usual lights. They are just the complete package and should be used by one and all.

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