50 Inch LED Light Bar

It’s important to have a proper and efficient auto lighting. Especially for large vehicles proper lighting is a must. This provides road assistance to the driver. There are numbers of auto lighting out in the market being sold by a lot of manufacturers but not all pass the quality and efficiency rate of the light that should be provided for your car. So to help you in finding the right LED light for your vehicle, here are the list of 50 inch Led light bar which are certified for its quality and efficiency that you can install for your vehicle.

ZHOL® 300w 50 inch Led Lights Bar Combo

ZHOL 300w 50 inch Led Lights Bar ComboThis firm is specialized in automotive lamp. It’s providing the best of quality and complete auto lamps for customers.

ZHOL® 300W LED light bar features a combination of 10-30v with 50” 20000lm and 3w by 100 LED to improve your driving needs. A superior quality 300W bar of LED lights that can be used universally, it’s so versatile, it can be used for huge vehicles such as atvs, trucks, trains, boats, buses, and tanks. It can be used for vehicles used for constructions like bulldozer, road roller, excavator, tree dozer, and forklift. Since humongous vehicles need automotive lamps that will accommodate its size and needs. So these vehicles can be used properly on the road, this LED light bar will provide that.

This automotive led light bar is made up of quality materials, from high-grade diecast aluminum housing that holds the LED lights, to the glass surface which is made of Quart lens, and has high light transmission that emits brighter light for improved vision while you are driving at night and provides great help while driving. This LED light bar instantly upgrades the safety of your driving, and the efficiency when used on construction vehicles such as bulldozer to make work easy. This LED light bar is truly durable, water and dust proof, quakeproof, and anti-explosion. So you are sure that this 50 inch led light bar can be used and provide you great help in driving for a long period of time. This LED light bar comes in with all the necessary wiring to be easily install in your vehicle.

SHANREN 50″ 288W 12V Curved CREE LED

SHANREN 50 288W 12V Curved CREE LEDIf you are looking a high performance LED light for your vehicle, this is the right one for you. It will surely provide improved vehicle lighting. This 50” LED light bar is a curved LED light bar that operates in 10-30V and has a spot beam up to 30 degrees, this LED light bar weighs up to 13.4 pounds, light enough for easy installation on the vehicle. The LED bar is made up of high-grade Aluminum diecast for the housing of the lights and mounting bracket, this product also ensures durability, this is a water and dust proof, shock proof, lenses are shatter proof too because it’s made of premium PMMA lens material, and corrosion free to maintain its quality and won’t be affected by different weather conditions.

This 50 inch LED light bar emits brighter light than halogen light. This led light has 1260 Lumen while the halogen only has 700 Lumen, much efficient than the regular halogen automotive light being installed, this also provides a variety of power and size that could meet vehicle demands, it could be used in an off road vehicle, such as boats, large vehicles like trucks, excavator, tree dozer, SUV, communication vehicle, police cars, and rescue cars, since this LED light has a comb beam LED, it gives great help on the road, for safe driving and convenience for vehicles used in constructions.

Eyourlife 300W 52″ 30200LM off Road Led

Eyourlife 300W 52 30200LM off Road LedMade from high quality materials, undoubtedly, the Eyourlife 300W 52 inch LED light bar will provide great function, and convenience for your vehicle. This LED light bar features great LED power which is up to 300W, consists of three (3) LED with high intensity for optimum brightness, to provide great help in driving, and convenience for construction-related vehicles. Unlike other universal LED light products, this is of premium quality, which ensures durability for long-time use, its lenses are CE IP68 waterproof certified.

When it comes to compatibility, this 50 inch led light bar could fit in various vehicles, ranging from automobiles to heavy-duty vehicles, like ATVs, SUVs, project vehicle, 4×4, mining truck, truck, tow trucks, pickup trucks, off road vehicles like boats, and more, with its modern and sturdy appearance, it will look really good for your vehicle. This LED light bar is a great choice for all vehicles, features combo beam which helps to improve safety driving and convenience.


These are the high-quality 50 inch LED light bars that you could easily install to any on and off road vehicles, providing high-powered lights for your driving needs. It will ensure your safety while driving, and to help contractors accomplish their task easily in using heavy duty vehicles such bulldozer and various trucks. To ensure its long-lasting use, these LED bars are certified water, dust, shock, and rust proof, to maintain its quality and function to different weather conditions, and environment, these LED lights are certified for their great function to heighten the vision aptitude during a night ride, and provide great help in an off road use. These are going to be the perfect “road companion” for you, they are easy to install, and affordable, you can save money from maintenance because of its durability, and could save you a lot of money from spending more on low-quality automotive lights, this is going to be a great investment in the long run.

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