Best 12 Inches Led Light Bar Reviews

Uses Of 12 Inch Long Led Light Bars?

Like then 10-inch long LED bars, these 12 inch LED light bars too can be used for vehicles that are to be used for traveling off roads during long journeys. They, however, are a bit longer than those which are 10-inches long and shorter than the 24-inch long bars and are there fore convenient for the purposed that the other two cannot serve.

The LED lights, as we know, maintain zero dissipation or wastage of power by being a very less power consuming source of light. It is also brighter and provides the user with broader and longer distance view while on the road. They are specially designed for spreading light in one direction, whether front of back.

Auxbeam™ 12 inch 72W CREE Led Light Bar

Auxbeam™ 12 inch 72W CREE Led Light BarThis 12-inch long LED bars from Auxbeam are very eco-friendly and have a long life span of almost thirty thousand hours. They consume very less power and provide efficiency on road trips with a voltage of as less as seventy-two watts.

The LED bar is made by assembling 24 tiny pieces of LED lights of three watts each together. These LEDs are not the ordinary ones, they are CREE LEDs which means they provide higher output of light by consuming lesser amount of energy and are often colored too.

The LED light is housed in an excellent quality die cast aluminum housing which is very tough and durable. This housing is designed keeping in mind the various harsh conditions it might have to face while driving. The lumen output is very high, compared to the power consumption.

The irradiation distance of this LED light is also very longer as compared to the normal halogen lit bulbs.

There is a specially designed fin with the installing brackets too to ensure maximum heat dissipation from the LED tube light. The construction of the light is also very well engineered and renders it various strong qualities like shock proof, dust proof and weather proof. The operating voltage required to run this LED light is very widely distributed enabling it to be used in different kinds of trucks, of-road vehicles and even marine transports.


  1. Strong and durable aluminum housing.
  2. It has been designed to ensure maximum heat dissipation.
  3. Low power consumption.
  4. The operating voltage is very widely varying.
  5. Provides great performance by being dust proof, water proof and shock proof too.
  6. Consumes as low as seventy-two watts of power and has various applications.

12 inch 72W CREE led light bar 7200lm Combo beams

Another excellent product in the league of twelve-inch long LED lights is this CREE LED light which has various applications in everyday life, owing to it’s low power consumption and long life span.

The performance of this brilliantly engineered LED light is unquestionable. It has been designed by assembling twenty-four tiny CREE LED lights of three watts each together and then housing them in a strong and reliable aluminum bracket for safety. The luminous flux of this LED tube light has been increased to a great extent by enabling it with a combo of thirty-degree spot beam and sixty-degree flood beam. The construction of the light is IP67 rated, which adds to its credibility. The light is also shock proof, dust proof and water proof to make it function amazingly in all seasons. The power consumption is very low and the lumen output is extremely high.

The operating voltage range is very wide and varies which makes it fit for use in one and all vehicles.


  1. High lumen output and low power consumption.
  2. Beam is a combo of spot light beam and flood light beam.
  3. Great performance in all weather conditions.
  4. The operating voltage is widely varying.
  5. It can be used in different types of vehicles like lorries, military vehicles, water based transports and mining equipment as well.
  6. Dustproof, shockproof and waterproof.

Kohree 12″ 72W 7200lm Cree Spot Led Work Light Bar Review

Kohree 12 Cree Spot Led Work Light BarGiving a tough competition to other lights in its league is the Kohree CREE LED l12-inches long tube light. Leaving them all behind with its designer and sleek look, this is a five star rated product.

It’s construction and mechanism is similar to all other 12-inches long LED lights and so it the aluminum diecast in which it is housed, though with a better looking design. The power consumption of this tube light is very less, as low as seventy-two watts. Even with such low power consumption, the lumen out put is very high. The valid irradiation distance of this LED tube light is also longer than those of other halogen based lights used in transports.

The performance is wildly outraging and easily defies the look. By looking at it one might think that the quality has been compromised for the design, but that’s not the case with this product.

Wide range of operating voltage makes it suitable for all kinds of vehicles- from a small four wheeler to a huge commercial vehicle. This quality makes it useful in various marine based vehicles like boats and ships, military vehicles and construction vehicles like cranes and Bull dozers.


  1. Easy to operate and install.
  2. IP67 rated construction.
  3. Renders great performance as it is shock proof, water proof and dust proof.
  4. High lumen output with low power intake.
  5. Housed in high quality aluminum case.
  6. Longer valid irradiation distance as compared to other lights.

These twelve-inch long LED lights are all CREE enabled, adding to their credentials. They insure higher lumen output even while consuming very little energy. Their performance is also great and they can function even in harsh weather conditions.

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