Curved Led Light Bar

Curved LED light bars are LED light bars made better not only by their appearance, how great it will look in your vehicle but also with versatility to where you want to install it. LED lights are supposed to be like a package, from the appearance to the function and feature it has to provide great use for your vehicle. Your car won’t benefit from style, and function sans style is also incomplete, you need something beneficial yet stylish, but that doesn’t mean you have two LED light that could give you both. But one must remember the quality of the product is also essential, and to help you decide, here are some products which are certainly recommended and “best buy” that you can choose from.

32″ Curved 180W led light bar

32 inch Curved 180W led light barThis curved LED light bar is exceptionally functional and stylish. From its curved design, it could provide and help you drive with ease and accuracy on the road with the extensive viewing area for better vision of the road. The curved LED light bar has a flood and spot beam for your preference, and is powered with 180W and 18000lm so it’s super bright unlike halogen lights which are a bit dimmer. This LED light bar consists of 16 pieces chips with 60 degrees reflect cup for the flood beam while the spot beam has 44 pieces chips with 30 degrees reflect cup, these chips are EPISTAR LED chips that’s why it’s extremely bright.

The light color of this LED light bar is pure white for a clear and bright vision. There are bars that can only be positioned in one angle, but this curved LED light bar has an adjustable angle from the mounting bracket. It is made from Aluminum firm, the bracket has two install methods that you can choose from. Materials used to make this LED light bar is from a Black die-cast aluminum, while the lens is made from toughed glass. If you’re worrying about the durability of this product, you can be assure that this product will be long-lasting use because it’s waterproof, shock proof, and dust proof it is certified IP67, it could withstand any environment and weather conditions, and whether it would be used to any extreme activity. Due to the increased light transmission, it will provide and improved lighting on the road or whenever it is in use. This product is for long-lasting use, it works for up to 30,000 hours and above, CE, ROHS certified and is certainly durable.

If you are planning to buy a LED that is energy-efficient yet functional, this is the right one for because it has lower power consumption but has an increased light diffusion. This could be used to any on and off-road vehicle, like cars, SUVs, trucks, engineering vehicle, fire engine, rescue vehicle, road roller, and boats.

MICTUNING 42″ 240W- 3B339C -Curved Cree LED Light Bar Combo

MICTUNING Curved Cree LED Light Bar ComboThere are a lot of products out there you can choose but consumers will only stick to the best, and speaking of the “best” product and most recommended curved LED light bar, this product from MICTUNING is absolutely what you’re looking for. Perfectly-engineered LED light featuring immense flood and spotlight combo beam, the floodlight has 60 degrees beam while the spotlight has 30 degrees beam, the LEDS are authentic CREE LED chips that has longer life duration that is up to 50,000 hours and above.

The luminosity is up to 19200LM (lumen) which is extremely bright, providing exceptional light function and convenience, you’ll surely have a clear and better vision while driving. This product’s housing is made from die-cast aluminum alloy which provides robust build on the entire product, you can ensure the durability of this product because it’s a vacuum waterproof and IP67 certified, so you are certain that this product is of quality and would last a long time.

Aside from its amazing features, this product is easy to mount and install in your vehicle or anywhere you want it, this comes in with a 12-ft long wiring harness that allows you to install and mount it anywhere and anyway you want it, this wiring included in this produu9ct is longer than the ones you’ll get in the market, plus this comes in with free LED light bar rocker switch, and wiring harness, and on/off switch that you can include in installing the product, plus the mounting brackets. All of these you can get only for the price of one product, everything you’ll need is included. What more can you ask for? This product provides convenience and impeccable function for your vehicle.


Proper lighting is a must for one’s vehicle, to provide safety on the road and for better lighting when driving, but before you install lighting products to your car, you have to check its efficacy, function, and durability, because you wouldn’t want to purchase three lighting products that cost a lot just to replace the broken one right? It cost too much time, money, and effort, from buying to installing and mounting.So why settle for less, when these two can provide you everything you need?

From the design, quality, function, efficacy and affordability, you don’t have to stress yourself anymore finding the good match for your vehicle. These two products are definitely perfectly-engineered to your satisfaction and to fill the needs of your vehicle, because it fits just about any vehicle, from trucks, tree dozer, road roller, heavy-equipped vehicles, rescue vehicles, SUVs, off-road vehicle such as boats, you can even use it in your home, for outdoor lighting.

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