LED Light Bars for Trucks

Trucks and other huge type of vehicles need to have a good and strong supply of lighting to assist the vehicle while being driven on the road for the safety of the driver and the vehicle. Since these types of vehicles are a heavy-duty type and can be hard to maneuver. That’s why many manufacturers create a functional, high-powered, yet energy efficient light that can be installed and suitable for big vehicles such as trucks. So these manufacturers introduced the high-performing LED light bars, increased brightness, and more. To help you in choosing the right LED light bars for trucks, here are the products from different manufacturers that can be installed on trucks.

Eyourlife 22 inch Light Bar Off Road For Truck ATV

Eyourlife 22 inch Light Bar Off Road For Truck ATVThe Eyourlife could operate in a vast voltage range. Which can be installed on various types of trucks and other vehicles. It is compatible with all automobile and devices that are provided with a 10-30V DC power source. The LED power is up to 9000LM with 1200W, its LED color is pure white with 40 pieces of 3W high-powered EpistarLEDS that emit brighter light transmission. This is a LED combo light bar that has 30 degree spot and 60 degree flood combo beam with a size of 22 inches LED light bar. The material used for the housing of this LED light bar is a Diecast Aluminum, to safely encase the LED lights inside, while the lens are protected with a toughed glass, or what they usually call, Quart lens, making it water, dust, and shock proof. The LED bar also has an anti-corrosion feature, so when it’s exposed in water and extreme sunlight it won’t rust, and could adapt to any harsh weather and environment.
This 20 inch LED light bars for trucks is super-efficient and recommended for trucks and other big vehicles, such as SUVs, ATVs, project vehicle, 4×4, mining truck, heavy equipped trucks, tow truck, and off road vehicles. These vehicles will surely benefit from this LED light bar, from the brighter and better vision during a night drive, to the function and convenience.

52″ 300W LED Driving Light Bar 4WD Truck DC10-30V

300W LED Driving Light Bar for TruckThis high-powered 52 inch LED light bar for trucks will surely improve the vision while you are on the road. Its LED power is up to 300W with 30000LM, it has a 100 pieces 3W high powered LEDS that emit vast light transmission, giving off brighter light to use for safety driving, compared to halogen light that only has 600LM only, its bracket is made of Aluminum firm and 100% durable so you can assure that it won’t fall off or break when it’s mounted on the vehicle. LED lights’ lens are made from toughed glass to protect the lenses of the LEDS, due to the materials used in engineering this LED light bars for trucks. This product is waterproof and robust, unlike other products that are fragile. Its combo beam are up to 60 degrees and that’s the flood beam, and the other is 30 degrees for the spot beam which can be optional. This led light can be used to huge and heavy-equipped vehicles, such as trucks, tow trucks, trailer’s interior and exterior, can either be placed at the front of the truck or back. Not only it can be used for vehicles, it can be used off the road too, for outdoor uses, boat lighting, and backyard lighting. For trucks, these are truly recommended, because of their high and big structure, proper lighting is needed to assist the vehicle on the road to avoid any road-related accident.

Penton 2pcs 4″ 18w Cree LED Work Light Bar for Trucks

Penton 2pcs 4 inch 18w Cree LED Work Light Bar for TrucksThe Penton’s 18W Cree LED light bar that is truly reliable and functional. This is a great light for trucks and off road vehicles, used in road truck, ATV, SUV and jeep boat. It has a 60 degree flood beam, better and brighter vision for the vehicle when it is in use, this LED light bar for trucks weigh just 2.6 lbs and it’s really easy to install. This product is finished with a stylish, sleek, black design, sturdy and durable, suitable for vehicles that are modified, not only for vehicles, this can be used as an outdoor light too, and as an emergency light in case of storms. Because of its waterproof feature it can withstand harsh weather conditions, reliable and durable, huge and heavy-equipped vehicles will benefit from this LED light bar, supplying brighter white-colored light on the road on a night drive, compared to halogen lights. If you are looking for LED light bars that is easy to install and not too big, this Penton LED light bars for trucks is perfect for you, it’s small but gives off brighter light beam for improved vision while driving.


Huge vehicles need to have proper and bright lighting installed to the vehicle, because it’s big, it need light source that will serve the vehicle and driver on the road, to provide good lighting and safety on the road. These LED light bars for trucks are just perfect for these kind of vehicles. They engineered to provide proper lighting for huge vehicles and for off road vehicles too that needs brighter and proper lighting, to avoid vehicular-related accidents, and energy efficient so these LED lights will be good for the vehicles’ battery too. Choose Led light bars that are energy-efficient yet great in light transmission, and also durable, with shockproof and waterproof feature to ensure a long-lasting use, so it could withstand any weather conditions. As you purchase these LEDS it will be easy for you to mount, for all the installation supplies are already included, make sure that you will only get authentic products to provide you long-lasting function on the road and also to prevent product malfunction when in use.

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